History of department

In the Vinnitsa, according to the order of the chief doctor number 44 of 02/13/1960, the

hildren's Department at the Regional Hospital Pyrogovskogo was launched children's surgical department. He led the frontline doctor, surgery department intern, part-time Assistant Professor of Surgery Hospital of Vinnitsa Medical Institute, erudite, vysokoporyadna, intelligent man - Claudia S. Beletska. The staff offices were moved: Fischenko O.J. (Future head of reference of general surgery in Ukraine), Kedyk A.N., Mazur F.P., Pasechnik V.P. In August 11960 they were joined I.I. Kievskiy, which runs children's surgeon today.

Division was based on 40 beds (20 surgical, 10 orthopedic and trauma, 10 urological). Working conditions were difficult for each team member. As of 1964 the department employed 37 people.For many years maintained air mask, later ftorotanovyy anesthesia.Only in the mid-1960s began to break through the first beginnings of infusion therapy, which has long held subcutaneously, which ne-reduvalo appearance of superficial veins head puncture in newborns. Almost every case of acute hematogenous ostemiyelitu ended chronic, disability or death of the patient.

In August 1966 from the Crimean Medical Institute to the winery to open a newly created course dotsentskoho hyrurhiyi childhood came to children's surgeon, PhD Y.P. Kukuruza. The staff of the department was already enrolled in a children's orthopedic trauma, veteran A.N. Kedyk. Since the rate of pediatric surgery at the department of pediatric surgery department (Rector and zav.kaf. Sci. Korhov S.I.) and begins the history of pediatric surgery clinic in Vinnitsa region.

After 3 years after the end of surgery klinordynatury joined them immediately, two assistants, future professors – A.V. Levkovsky and I.G. Nazarenko. Gradually formed a quartet dotsentskyy pediatric surgeons - the first PhD in Vinnitsa region, and its leader Y.P. Kukuruza in 1986 became a professor.

Next 11 years until 1977 the main curator of the Clinic of Pediatric Surgery Department of Surgery was a pediatric faculty at the Vinnitsa CRC. In different years the department was headed by Professor S.P. Korhov, V.M. Nechyporuk, V.G. Zarja, T.A. Kadoschuk. Scientific direction of the department was to develop problems holetsysto, pancreatitis, peritonitis, inguinal hernias. In 1968 when the rector VMI Assoc. M.P. Rudiuk and head physician VOKB Y.I. Ostrovsky children's surgical department again returned to the historical surgical building (1-st floor). Rates of surgical progress markedly accelerated. For the first time began surgical treatment Hirschsprung disease (Associate Professor Y.P. Kukuruza), other types of congenital intestinal obstruction. All this occurred in parallel the diversity of manifestations of all manifestations of "staph plague" in infants and children in the first year of life.

Colleagues were convinced of the necessity and importance of pediatric surgery as a science and profession. Even when VMI rector prof. V.D. Bilyk and head physician A.P. Kolyadenko (1931-2006) in spring 1973 with a move to newly built urological building (now the building number 17, third floor, gynecology department) first appeared and independent branch of service: pediatric surgery and pediatric orthopedic and traumatology, began independent urgent duty. But planned and purulent surgery were still in the same department (zav.vid. Kotsyubynsky Y.M). In late 1980 the first branch was opened in the intensive care unit. A KSBeletska and orthopedic V.P. Pasechnik went to reception to regional consultative clinics.

The subsequent influx of young people (V.A. Tloka, V.G. Pavlishyna, V.V. Korniychuk, V.A. Alyeksyeva, V.T. Savitsky, assistant V.A. Nawrocki, V.P. Franchuk, E.E. Loiko, N.N. Sutnyk) has promoted the introduction of new approaches to the practice of infusion therapy and the development trends of specialized surgical care to children.

Continued to dream of expansion in the Crimean Assoc. Y.P. Kukuruza - Children thoracic surgery. Within the walls of department implemented the first bronchoscopy and bronhooklyuziyi, began sweeping operations on the lungs (Prof. I. Mityuk), BDL (Associate Professor V.I. Mokryk) continued operations in diaphragmatic hernias in children of all ages. Continued orthopedic surgical treatment of congenital hip dislocation, fractures at the elbow using the proposed hardware. But pus-but-inflammatory diseases of different localization not only selected physicians in force, but also contributed to the occurrence of heart attacks, destruction of family life shorted. Due to the gradual expansion of the training program for students in pediatric surgery in 1976, the rate of pediatric surgery reorganized into an independent department (Head - Doc. Y.P. Kukuruza). It started the teaching of pediatric surgery at the 4th and 5th courses Faculty of Pediatrics, 5 th year medical faculty.In 1980, the base medical clinic of pediatric surgery was the Vinnytsia Regional Children's Hospital. At that time it was the sixth regional children's institution in Ukraine. This greatly improved medical, educational and scientific and material resources department. Features clinical allowed to teach planning and emergency surgery, orthopedics and traumatology, surgery neonatal, urology, oncology childhood. 
Since the discovery rate of pediatric surgery to compete in the pediatric department established the first group subordynatoriv-pediatric surgeons, making it possible to prepare qualified professionals to expand the department and provide practical level health pediatric surgeons. Employees of the department for the competition were chosen Navrotsky VA, Loiko E.E., Shvets V.A., Vronskyi A.F., Fischenko V.A., Pogorily V.V. Sutnyk N.N., Fomin A.A.

For the first 10 years the department staff worked extremely hard work to fulfill the urgent task: to create a full-fledged specialized surgical database for highly skilled care to children and to educate students to sections of pediatric surgery at the appropriate level.

In the spring of 1981 in Vinnitsa Medical Institute and Clinic of Pediatric Surgery was first held in Student Union Scientific Conference and Symposium on current issues of pediatric surgery.
All the years since 1966-th to July 2006, the clinic has consistently led the MD, Professor Y.P. Kukuruza.

Since July 2006 and the present department is headed by MD, Professor V. V.Pogorily.

The clinic for the first time in full begun providing operational support to newborns with various disabilities (Prof. Pogorily V.V.). For the first time in the region were performed corrective surgery for obstructive lesions of the gastrointestinal tract urinary sysytemy, uric ureteralnomu reflux (MD Fomin A.A.).

Greatly expanded the volume of transactions in other diseases surgical (oncology, orthopedics, traumatology, hematology, etc.).

In parallel, increased volume and improved pedagogical process.Department staff worked literally "night and day" because, in addition to the mandatory teaching and clinical work, had to participate in the elimination of all complex surgical situations, to help physicians master the specialized sections of surgery.Currently, the Department of Pediatric Surgery is based on six units (162 beds) Regional Children's Hospital and provides all types of surgical care for children and Vinnitsa region. 
Our work - a tribute to our profession - surgery that requires a theory backed up by practice, but a deep conviction that can teach only one who has the perfect gift as a teacher and his profession.The clinic teaches not only the teacher, teach all - head office, residents, sisters, nurses their ability and organization. At the same time high level of professionalism in educational and medical process should be well conditioned with modern equipment, constant development and implementation of new practices in health care .. The main directions of scientific research based on the needs of practical

  1. Among the major scientific problems large proportion of the problems of purulent surgery, particularly younger children. This subject was conducted comprehensive fundamental research and thesis professor Y.P. Kukuruza, associate Levkovsky O.V., Nazarenko I.G., Loiko E.E., Navrotsky V.A., Pohorily V.V., Yakimenko O.G., Konoplitskoho V.S., Rusak P.S., Palamarchuk Y.P., Pogrebnyak I.A., graduate students - foreign students Vazhyha Ali, Ammar Al-Fallaha, Bashar Shmayssani.

Department of Pediatric Surgery Vinnitsa National Medical University. MI Pirogov, led by its head Professor V.V. Pogorily was the initiator and organizer of the I-th Congress of Pediatric Surgeons of Ukraine with international participation, held in March 2007 in m.Hmilnyku. The author of this scientific forum was attended by over 700 participants from 9 countries.

In the summer of 2010 in the winery at the Medical University held VI International Pirogovskaya read on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the famous surgeon, N.I. Pirogov. Section of Pediatric Surgery was organized and conducted with the participation of the department of pediatric surgery, which took an active part in organizing and conducting this large-scale international forum, which took more than 2300 delegates from 18 countries.

Today the Department of Pediatric Surgery Vinnitsa National Medical University. N.I.  Pirogov - a multidisciplinary research unit that makes a significant contribution to the development of the local children's surgery and provides practical assistance to health care.The result of research is to protect the 17 theses, including 3 doctors, more than 400 printed works, three monographs. On the credit department of 42 certificates for inventions and patents, 137 rationalization proposals, more than 20 local conferences, participation in international congresses. Department of Pediatric Surgery conducts courses of thematic advanced training of physicians and surgeons general practitioners, as well as pre-medical courses for pediatric surgeons.

According to research topics of the department working student scientific group whose members take an active part in scientific conferences Pediatric Surgery International, republican, regional and local importance. Preparation of pediatric surgery began in the academic student groups the majority of the department.

Student research group at the Department of Surgery of Childhood VNMU them. N.I. Pirogov was founded in 1966 in which 11 students came to 3.4 courses of pediatric faculty. The initiator of creation of the circle was at that time associate Y.P. Kukuruza. From the first years of the circle of students hurtkivtsi took an active theoretical and practical part in the development of scientific topics related to purulent-inflammatory diseases in children. The first hurtkivtsyamy were: A.V. Filyk, T.D. Pleskun, V.A. Yermolyev, M.V. Yoltuhivskyy, P.I. Dmytruk and others. Group meeting at the clinic of pediatric surgery carried out weekly under the guidance of head and age group. And in 1967 a student of the 6th year of pediatric faculty A.V. Filyk student group representing students at the Moscow conference on pediatric surgery. And in 1971 at the XIII All-Union Student Scientific Conference held in Donetsk our hurtkivtsi took part and presented their research and development and have won first prizes and diplomas. Report V.O. Yermolyeva colleagues won a gold medal. In further part in the All-Union scientific conferences became a tradition for student research group VMI. At the XIV All-Union Student Scientific Conference, held in Riga our hurtkivtsi again were among the winners. In 1973. the conference in Tbilisi hurtkivtsi also presented interesting reports and won a silver medal (Loiko E.E.). And the next, XVI All-Union Student Scientific Conference in 1974 in Chisinau, the report E.E. Loiko and V.P. Franchuk won a bronze medal. Success was accompanied by members of the group and in the following conferences, namely: Yerevan - 1975 V.P. Franchuk and V.V. Bondarenko a presentation on "Simulation of acute hematogenous osteomyelitis in animals" won the gold medal. In the mid 70's the department continued the implementation of research on acute hematogenous osteomyelitis (Associate Professor Y.P. Kukuruza, docent Levkovsky V.A.), abdominal surgery (as. Nazarenko I.G.) and took very hurtkivtsi actively participated in the study of clinical and experimental aspects of purulent diseases in children. In 1978 at the XX All-Union student conference in Dushanbe our hurtkivtsiv again waiting for success, and as a result - the prizes and diplomas: report V. Veklicha, D. Shulga and V. Voitsekhivskiy was awarded the silver medal. Our hurtkivtsi gained more and more prizes and diplomas and for the next All-Union conferences. In the early 80s were hurtkivtsyamy DC Tolstanov, OA Kovalska, GA Boyko, SM Bondar, they participated and won prizes at conferences held in 1979 .- Rostov on Don, in 1980 - the city of Makhachkala in 1983 - Tbilisi, in 1985 - Tashkent.

In 1981, Vinnitsa passed the baton of honor student research forums. On the basis of our Medical Institute and Department of Pediatric Surgery was performed Student Union Scientific Conference and Symposium on current issues of Pediatric Surgery, which was attended by the student research groups and prominent pediatric surgeons: academician, Y.F. Isakov, prof. E.O. Stepanov, prof. G.A. Bayirov, Head of Pediatric Surgery of the leading clinics of the Soviet Union. New and new generations of pediatric surgeons hurtkivtsiv came to the department, but always their work differed scientific novelty and practical orientation, and it gives an opportunity to get professors praised the jury. Thus, in 1986. in Ivano-Frankivsk report P.S. Rusak "Features preventing injuries in children Vinnitsa" was awarded the gold medal, and report I.Kuharchuk  Y. Mysko awarded the bronze medal) in 1987. - Chisinau report Bogachuk S., V. Konoplitskoho, I. Kuharchuk and M.Dovgal won a silver medal in 1989. - In Dnepropetrovsk gold and silver medals were reports Olhomyaka A.,  A. Barvinka and V. Konoplitskoho. In 1987, student scientific work Bogachuk S.G. "Diagnosis and treatment of postoperative lymphadenitis in children" was awarded medals and awards of the Academy of Sciences.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union's student science found itself in difficult conditions was due to economic problems, but scientific group did not stop its activities. Annually held vnutrishnovuzivski conferences, hurtkivtsi hard and worked hard, kept the tradition of older generations and already in 2004 at a student conference in Odessa report E.M. Saharevych "Assessment of pain symptoms in the newborn" was awarded the diploma of II degree. In 2005 at a student research conference in Lviv report E.M. Saharevych and T.V. Mityuk "Closed trauma in children Vinnitsa region" was awarded the diploma and degree. The close scientific relationship hurtkivtsi our support and our old friends from Russia. In 2008 XV (48) Russian scientific conference "Actual problems of surgery, anesthesiology and resuscitation of childhood" in Yekaterinburg, student scientific group of pediatric surgery Vinnitsa National Medical University. N.I. Pirogov was awarded the diploma of II degree. 
20-23 April 2010 in the Russian State Medical University, Moscow hosted the XVII All-Russian (50 Federal) Student Scientific Conference "Actual problems of surgery, anesthesiology and resuscitation of childhood", in which took part hurtkivtsi Department of Pediatric Surgery of our university. The result of the participation of student scientific circle in the above-mentioned conference with the recognition of diploma and degree and the medal "For the best scientific report" by an oral report to N.Y. Kosechenko and O.I. Shyschuk entitled "Method phased elimination vistsero-abdominal disproportion in surgical pathology of abdominal wall." Poster presentation V.G. Rokyty and A.A. Larina "Treatment of bone cysts in children" was awarded third degree diploma and medal. Poster report D.Y. Makonchuka, D.O. Klimenko and R.V. Shavlyuka "Method of processing appendix stump" was awarded the diploma of the participant. According to the report of scientific novelty and presentation of his university student scientific group of the Department of Pediatric Surgery Vinnitsa Medical University. N.I. Pirogov was recognized as one of the best groups of 46 universities of the CIS countries and awarded diplomas and degrees.

Students' Science is always a criterion of relevance of research activities of the department and reflects the level of scientific maturity. Therefore, head of the department, its assets give special attention to this issue. Hurtkivtsi acquire new scientific heights and remember the history that is reflected on the site manually decorated hurtkivtsyamy circle  http://www.ideaclub.vn.ua 

In different years, scientific leaders of student groups were: Professor Y.P. Kukuruza 1966-1976, Associate Professor O.V. Levkovsky 1976-1980, Associate Professor I.G. Nazarenko 1980-1990, Associate Professor E.E. Loiko, 1990-1994, Professor V.V. Pogorily 1994-2001, Professor A.A. Fomin 2001-2005, since 2005 head of the circle is a PhD, Associate Professor A.G. Yakymenko.

Parish group were: V.O. Yermolyev (1966-1968), V.V. Hudov (1968-1971) E.E. Loiko (1971-1974) V. Bondarenko (1975-1976) I.G. Shulga (1976-1980) GA Boyko (1981-1985) V.S. Konoplitskyy (1985-1989) S.P. Lysyanskyy (1990-1991) A.V. Baluhina (1991-1993) D.V. Konoplitskyy (2005-2009) N.Y. Kosechenko (2009-2010) A.I. Shyshchuk (2010-2011), S.V. Chimera (2011-2012). 

Natives of the group - scholars, teachers, organizers health practice doctors, among them: PhD. DC Associate Tolstanov (Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine), MD, Professor S.A. Rykov (Chief Specialist Ministry of Health of Ukraine from ENT diseases), MD, Professor V.V., Pogorily (prorector of clinical work VNMU them. Pirogov), MD, Professor A.A. Fomin (chief Vinnytsia site hospital № 2), PhD. O.A. Moravskaja (deputy chief doctor VRChKH), V.V. Panenko (Deputy Chief UOZ and Resorts Vinnitsa region), S.Y. Siratskyy (deputy chief doctor NRChH) and many other hurtkivtsiv to make a major contribution to the development of domestic medical science of public health.

Over the last decade, along with the above directions of scientific development department, have priority development and introduction into clinical practice of new technology - laparoscopic surgery, endoscopic arthroscopy. Development of new methods of surgical interventions in newborns, particularly in congenital gastrointestinal tract kyschkovoho (esophageal atresia, 12-duodenum, small intestine); congenital anterior abdominal wall and respiratory system (hastroshyzisi, omfalotselye, diaphragmatic hernia) in children with low weight body using the method of multi-traction. Application of these techniques significantly improved the results of treatment of children, especially newborns. Promising developments are the development of surgical interventions in deformities of the chest and cryptorchidism. In the practice of surgical departments of the regional and district hospitals are widely implemented before the department developed a team with varicocele surgery and inguinal hernias.

Progress and development department and paediatric surgery in the region continues. Our research papers are used in medical practice, serve as the subject of theses, are widely used modern computer technology, knowledge of which became mandatory for graduate students, competitors.