Konoplitskyy Victor Sergeevich | Associate Professor of Pediatric Surgery, director of studies ,MD PhD

520 20121220-193535Associate Professor of Pediatric Surgery, MD PhD, director of studies Konoplitskyy Victor Sergeevich. was born in 1962 in Vinnitsa. After completing military service in the Soviet Army in the years 1980-1982 entered Vinnitsa Medical Institute N.I. Pirogov, after which in 1989 - 1990 years passed internship in pediatric surgery in Vinnytsia Oblast Children's Hospital. From 1990 he worked as a senior laboratory since 2006 as an assistant Department of Pediatric Surgery. In 2004 in Moscow defended his thesis on "Treatment hemanhyom in children. Optymymyzatsyya Prevention's retsydyvov. " In 2012 he received the rank of associate professor. Author of over 110 scientific publications, 122 rationalization proposals, 43 inventions, two monographs and two teaching aids. Honored Inventor of Ukraine. Completes work on his doctorate.