Goncharuk Victor Borisovich | Assistant Department of Pediatric Surgery

532 20121220-193830Assistant Department of Pediatric Surgery, Goncharuk Victor Borisovich, born in 1968 in the village. Hrabivtsi Nemirovsky District, Vinnitsa region. In 1995 he graduated from Vinnitsa State Medical University N.I. Pirogov. In 1995-1997 held internships in pediatric surgery at the Department of Pediatric Surgery. From 1998 to 2010 worked as a pediatric surgeon intern in the Vinnytsia Oblast Children's Hospital, and since 2010, he holds the post of head of department of surgical correction of congenital malformations. From 2012 he has been working as an assistant Department of Pediatric Surgery concurrently. The doctor of the highest qualification category, author of 12 scientific publications, 3 rationalization proposals and 3 inventions.