According to the curriculum at the Department of Pediatric Surgery is teaching discipline "Pediatric Surgery" for students 5 and 6 courses at the Medical Faculty № 1 and № 2 Medical Faculty (for medical doctors and pediatricians psychologists), as well as clinical faculty for foreign students (Ukraine -, Russian and English). The Department of Pediatric Surgery is teaching program discipline (optional course) "Fundamentals of Endosurgery and laser therapy" and "Oncology childhood" for students of medical faculty № 2. The department is the basis for the cycles of pediatric surgery in medical interns in the field: "General Surgery", "General practice family medicine", "Pediatrics", "Neonatology". The Department implemented the program of postgraduate education - Pre and thematic courses for doctors pediatric surgeons, doctors and children's orthopedic doctors traumatologists general surgeons that provide surgical care to children. The Department is supporting the discipline "Pediatric Surgery" for the teaching of medical students and psychologists to students-foreigners.